about tom scollard

Tom has had extensive experience in human resources, community consultation, representation, board work and training over a number of years and brings this wealth of experience with him when working with individuals or groups. Tom has previously served on several school boards in Christchurch and currently serves on two school boards as well as two non-profit boards, He is an approved preferred provider for the Ministry of Education and New Zealand School Trustees Association. 

He is passionate about effective governance in any setting and is committed to ensure those who serve on any board are given the best possible professional development opportunities to obtain success. To this end,Tom has mentored many trustees, facilitated many sessions with individual boards as well as facilitated training with board cluster groups. He is committed to see organisations effectively governed to meet their purposed outcomes.

As well as his extensive training and mentoring in the area of governance, he has successfully served in roles of Personnel Manager, Assistant Director for Personnel, Teacher, Trainer, Lecturer, Member Care, pastoring and counselling, supervision work for several National Census and more recently Returning Officer for several General Elections. 

Tom Scollard (BMin)