governance & management training


Welcome to my website. 

Boards play a vital role in the life of an organisation, undertaking the responsibility to provide its direction, vision and mission. It is therefore essential for boards to have a solid foundation from which to provide for good decision-making, clear objectives, sustained improvement and efficiency to meet its mandate.
I offer training, mentoring and support for boards and management groups of all types including those of preschools, kindergartens, schools, non profit and mission organisations, other community groups and businesses. My key goal is to empower and equip boards and their members to become fully effective in their role where they serve through sustained effective governance.
I seek to empower boards to provide ...
  • Effective governance that shows decisive leadership, creates opportunities and accesses those opportunities to meet the mandate or core objectives of the organisation.
  • Effective governance that creates a strong future for its organisation through providing a clear vision and then consistently steering towards that end. 
  • Effective governance that ensures the day-to-day management is in line with the purposes and desired outcomes set for the organisation.
  • Effective governance that provides for accountability through clear expectations, clear communication and transparent reporting.
  • Effective governance that will improve an organisation's outcomes through appropriate use of the physical and financial assets.
  • Effective governance that makes a difference that really matters ... and making a difference that matters is what it is all about! 
New Board Members
I provide professional development tailored for the needs of newly appointed board members or for those who may be contemplating serving on a board. This includes roles and responsibilities of the board and board members, the importance of an organisation’s governing documentation, an introduction to board processes and meetings, and considers governance and management responsibilities. 
Customised Training
I will customise training and material content to meet your specific board needs and mandate. This includes roles and responsibilities applied, strategic planning, evaluation, self review, stakeholder relations, effective reporting and succession planning.
Your Training in Your Time
I will develop a training plan to suit your timetable. I will work with whole Boards, individual trustees or collective groups of trustees. I am acutely aware of the time constraints that may be evident for trustees in this field of service.