Here is some of he latest feedback received regarding Tom Scollard's consultancy work

"Tom makes governance easy to understand and keeps things simple. Excellent training for us." (Principal)

"As a board we were not functioning as well as we could, canstantly distracted and tied up with management things. Tom has helped us tremendously to boecme more focussed on providiing proactive governance for our organisation. Tom is personable yet to the point. He has a deep understanding of governance and we have benefited much from his input."  (CEO)

"Recently, Tom facilitated our strategic workshop. he was able to get everyone participating to provide the best outcome of our session. We are really pleased that our staff and management team have been able to work together so effectively through Tom's input. Highly recommended." (board chair )

"Excellent facilitator, knowledgable and engaging. Tom made learning about governance fun too" (Trustee )

"Tom related so well with us as a board and understood quickly the challenges we were facing. As a board chair he was able to help me tremendously lead the board and he provided wise counsel to me in my role. He has really made a real difference and we will be using his expertise again in the future" (board chair)

"Tom is a board guru. He is an excellent communicator, very passionate about effective governance and is clearly  commited to seeing the people he works with succeed. He was also really great in providing extra materials when we needed to get on with our job as a board" (board chair)

Our board has been transformed into a dynamic, proactive and forward thiinking board which now focusses on the things that really matter. Tom provides a great perspective of the issues schools face and we as a school have greatly benefited from his expertise, his passion and his genuine desire to help. (board chair and principal)